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 Love Idioms :) :)

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PostSubject: Love Idioms :) :)   Wed 11 Nov 2009, 01:49

Falling in love

catch someone's eye = to be attractive to someone
Example: "The shy man at the back of the class caught my eye."

to fancy someone (British English) = to find someone attractive
Example: "My friend fancies you!"

to have a crush on someone = to only be able to think about one person
Example: "When I was at school, I had a crush on a film star."

to have a soft spot for someone = to have a weakness for someone
Example: "She has a soft spot for Richard - he can do anything!"

to have the hots for someone = to find someone very attractive
Example: "She's got the hots for the new office manager."

to go out with someone (British English) = to date someone
Example: "They've been going out together for years!"

to go steady = to go out with someone
Example: "They've been going steady since their first year at university."

to fall for someone = to fall in love
Example: "He always falls for the wrong types!"

to fall head over heels for someone = to completely fall in love
Example: "He fell head over heels for her."

to be lovey-dovey = for a couple to show everyone how much they are in love
Example: "They're so lovey-dovey, always whispering to each other and looking into each other's eyes."

to have eyes only for = to be attracted to one person only
Example: "He's dropped all his old friends, now that he has eyes only for Susie."

to be the apple of someone's eye = to be loved by someone, normally an older relative
Example: "She's the apple of her father's eye."

to be smitten by someone = to be in love with someone
Example: "I first met him at a party and from that evening on, I was smitten."

a love-nest = the place where two lovers live
Example: "They made a love-nest in the old basement flat."

to be loved-up (British English) = to exist in a warm feeling of love
Example: "They are one loved-up couple!"

to be the love of someone's life = to be loved by a person
Example: "He has always been the love of her life."
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PostSubject: Re: Love Idioms :) :)   Fri 20 Nov 2009, 00:12

oh! it is wonderful idioms ..................

thank you for it Embarassed
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PostSubject: Re: Love Idioms :) :)   Sun 22 Nov 2009, 21:55

thank u amal .... i collected these idioms for every one who is in love with someone else Smile to speak with him english
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Mohamed Negm
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PostSubject: Re: Love Idioms :) :)   Wed 02 Dec 2009, 01:25

Thanks Abd El Wahab for your participation
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PostSubject: Re: Love Idioms :) :)   

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Love Idioms :) :)
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